Problem Solving Using Qəne

8. Problem Solving Using Qəne


Experts tell us that in order to solve some of our modern-day problems we need to follow the following procedure:


1)     understanding the root cause of the problem

2)    Looking for alternative solutions

3)   Critically reviewing the solutions and choosing the best one

4)   Implementing the selected solution

5)   Reviewing the effect of the implementation


 A.  Qənes of Mäzgäbä T’bäb Hawaz Ejəgu

Mäzgäbä T’bäb Hawaz Ejəgu is a blind BaläQəne who further had to have his arms and legs cut-off due to illness. Here are some of his Qənes on this painful affair.

1.     Mäwädəs 1

ኦ አምላክ!

ህማማተ ሥጋ በእንተ ህማምከ መጽኡ በከመ ይህመሙ ዚአየ፣

እስመ አመ ወድቀ ምድረ ኮከበ ሰማይ ሥጋየ፣

ጸሐይ ወወርህ ዓእይንትየ ኢይርእዩ ሥነ ስቅለትከ ተሰወሩ ዝየ፣

ብርያልሂ ዘፈንዎሙ ደዌያተ ሥጋ ጸርየ፣

አሀዙኒ አሲሮሙ እደውየ ወእገርየ፣

እንዘይመጽኡ ሰርከ እንበለ ይርአይ ዓይንየ፣

በሰላም ወበጥኢና መጠነ ሀለውኩ ጸጊቢየ፡፡


Oh God!

Your suffering dwelt upon me so I can feel the pain

When the stars of heaven / my body fell to pieces

Not to see your crucifixion, the moon and the sun / my eyes disappered

My enemies / sickness sent by Satan

They seized fast my legs and hands

And they come so often without me seeing

As if I have not lived in peace and good health.



Just like the sun and the moon disappeared not to see the Lord’s crucifixion, the BaläQəne’s eyes did not see his legs and hands being cut off.


2.    Mäwädəs 2


ኦ ንጉሥ መድኃኔዓለም

ለምነት ውእቱ እግርየ ዘአሰርከ፣

ነገረ አእጋር ወእድ እንዘ ተአምር ለሊከ፣

አመ ተሞቅሃ ወተአስር እገርከ ክልኤ ወክልኤ እዴከ፣

በቅኖት ሀጺን ሀብለ ጋግር ለዋህድ ዕለት ዘሞተ ሥጋ ፈቀድከ፣

ሥጋየሂ አመ ደክመ አምሳለ ድኩም ሥጋከ፣

አዝዝ ከመይኩን ሞትየ በሞትከ፣

እንዘ በገቦከ ሀጽ እስመ ከመ ኲናት ደቅከ፣

ኢይትፌለይ ተደሊዮ ልብየ እምልብከ፡፡


Oh King, Saviour of the world

Why did you imprison my legs?

You knowing the matter of hands and legs for yourself

When your two hands and legs were held tight

 You permitted suffering and death by Iron pegs and ropes.

When my flesh weakens just like yours did

 Make sure my death will be like yours

Just like the spear that is on your side

My thoughts will always be with you.



The BaläQəne is comparing his suffering to Christ’s crucifixion, and is asking why the one who knows such pain is permitting him to suffer.  He then relents and pleads so that his death can be comparable to redeem his soul.  



3.    Mäwädəs 3 (ቁ.16)


ተመሰልኩ አነሰ ዘህዋሳትየ

ከመመጻእጉ በእድ ወከመ ቶማስ በእግር፣

ወበክልኤሆን ዓእይንት ከመ ጤሚዎስ እውር፣

ወአልቦም ዘከማየ ዘፈድፈደ ቦቱ መከራ በምድር፣

እስመ ኮንኩ ላእለ ዘሞቱ ወታህተ ዘሀለዉ ሰብ ህልዋነ ጻማ ወጻእር፣

አንሰሂ ሶበ ቆምኩ በጽንፈ ሰቆቃው ባህር፣

መኑ ይወስደኒ ሀበ ሀገረ ጥቅም ምስተሀድር፣

ወመኑ ቤትየ ዘመርሃኒ በበትር፣

እሰከነ እበጽኅ ፍጻሜሃ ለአድማስየ መቃብር፡፡


I resemble in my body parts

The invalid with my hands and Thomas with my legs

And Timaeus the Blind with my eyes

And there is no one like me who has suffered on this earth

Since I have become better than the dead but worse than those living in pain and suffering

And when I am standing at the edge of the sea of agony

Who will take me to my fortified dwelling?

And who will lead me to my house with a walking stick,

Until I reach my grave / edge of the world?


The BaläQəne is telling us that he is bearing the suffering of many people at the same time and that until death visits him his life is like hell on earth.

4.    Mäwädəs 4 (አማርኛ)

ሰነፍ ያይደለህ አንተ ውብ እረኛ፣

ደጋጎችን በጎች ከፍየል ጋር ጨምሮ፣

እንዳይበላብህ ድንገት የዲያብሎስ ልጅ ቀበሮ፣

ያድናል ጠብቆ አስተምሮ መክሮ፣

የትምህርት ጥቅም ባለበት ሥርዓት

እያሰማራ ዘወትር እየጠበቀ ጠንክሮ፣

እኔምሂ መምህረ ቅኔ የተወለድሁት በቡሮ፣

እጅና እግሬን ጨብጦ ይዞ ደዌ ሥጋ እንደ ጉመሮ፣

አልሰደደኝም በገፍ አልተመኘሁም ለኑሮ፣

ባይሆን ቢያቆየኝ እስከሚወቃ የኀጢአት ክምር ተከምሮ፡፡


            Handsome shepherd you who are not lazy

        All the good Sheep with the goats

        Make sure the son of the Devil / fox doesn’t eat them.

        Education and advice will protect and save 

        In a system where education is valued

        By tending the herd and by being vigilant.

        And I a teacher of Qene who was born at Buro

        Leprosy has confined my hands and legs like a gumaro

        I am not supple and not enthusiastic for life

        Maybe god will keep me until the threshing of the harvest/sinful.


5.    Mäwädəs 5 (አማርኛ)


ክቡራን አኀው ወዳጆቼ ሁሉ

እኔ ወንድማችሁ ሐዋዝ ያየሁት ስቃይ ያየሁት ፍዳ፣

በስምንተኛው ሺህ ግማሽ በዘጠና ዘጠኝ ጨምዳዳ፣

በአካል ወረዳ በይግባኝ አውራጃ፣

እንዳልፋረድ አንድ መሪጌታ

ይግባኝ የሌለበት አምላክ ዐይኔን ዐውሮ እግሬን ጎራዳ፣

ይቅርታ ይቅር በለኝ አጥፍቻለሁና ማለዳ፣

ድንጋይ ቢሆን ተሸክሜ ማረኝ እስክልህ እስክሰናዳ፣

እንዳትወስደኝ ድንገት እንዳልገባብህ አንጋዳ፣

ማርያም የዓለም ቤዛ ሥጋ ዘመድ ነህ አይደለህ ባዳ፡፡


     Dear brothers and all my friends

        The Trials and tribulations I, Your brother Hawaz, have gone through!

        By the middle of the eight thousandth plus ninety nine (i.e 7499 = 1999EC)

        In the district of my body and the region of appeals

        So that I wouldn’t take to court a Märigeta

        The one without appeals, the lord made me a blind and a cripple.

        Please forgive me Lord since I have transgressed in the morn

        Until I ask for your forgiveness carrying a stone on my shoulders

        Don’t take me away suddenly so I don’t fall in the ravine

        You are not a stranger but a relative of the Virgin Mary.





B. A story of Two students (ከመምህር አክሊሉ የተገኘ)


A Qəne call and response between a student who found meal at a church on a Sunday and student Jämbäre who just ate uncooked cereal and had a stomach ache.


Jämbäre’s Qəne (ቁ.26)፡


ስብሐት ይደሉ ለመርድአ ብዙኅ ተገፍዖ፣

ለወልደ መበለት ናኢት እስመ በሰንበት አንስኦ፡፡


One needs to thank the student (Christ) who has seen so much suffering

Since he raised a widow’s son / unleavened bread on a Sabbath.


(Säm) Jesus raised from death a widow’s son on a Sabbath.

(Wärq) The student raised (ate) some unleavened bread on a Sabbath and eliminated hunger that is equated to death.


        The Qəne of the student who ate the bread:


አድለቅለቀት ምድር ከርሰ ጀምበሬ፣

ወተከስተ መቃብር ጥሬ፡፡


Jämbäre’s Stomach / the earth trembled

And the grave / uncooked cereal was revealed.


(Säm) When Jesus was crucified the earth trembled the graves opened up and the dead were seen walking (Matthew 27:52-3)

        (Wärq) Jämbäre’s Stomach opened up during the sickness and the uncooked cereal came out.