Environmental Conservation Qənes

7.      Environmental Conservation Qənes


     ʾəzl Gubaʾe Qana (3ኛ መጽሐፍ ገጽ 316)


ጽድቅ ውእቱ አውርዶ ወአቅሞ ዝናም በዕፅ፣

በተኪለ ዕፀው ይመልዕ አኮኑ በዝናመ ሰማይ ሕፀፅ፡፡


It is righteous to start and stop rainfall using plants (potions)

Since by planting trees the rainfall shortage will be ameliorated.


It is believed that some Däbtäras practice rainmaking using some plants as potions. The BaläQəne  is saying in the Wärq rainmaking is possible if we plant trees.