Spiritual Qənes

6      Spiritual Qənes


Compared to the earlier rousing Qənes, there are others urging people to contemplate inside oneself and to choose a spiritual path.


ሀ. Səllase of Ras Wäldä Gäbrəʾel (መጽሐፍ1 ገጽ 161 ቁ.106)


ዓለም እስከ ጊዜሃ

በሐብለ ዝንጋኤ ትስሕበነ

ወታወርደነ ታሕተ ኀበ ዘቀዳሚ መርገም

ለዘተወለድነ በሥጋ ወደም፡፡

ዘአእመራሰ ጠቢብ ለባዊ ለኅልፈተ ዛቲ ዓለም

ፍዳ ወይን ይስተይ ማየ ዝናም፣

ወህየንተ ልብስ ይትከደን ቈጽለ አዕዋም

እስመ ዛቲ ጽላሎት ወሕልም



The world for a while

Pulls us using the rope of absentmindedness

And drags downwards to the netherworld

Those of us made of flesh and bones.

The wise one who realizes the ephemeral nature of this world

Instead of wine, let him drink rainwater

And instead of clothes, let him wear leaves

Since this world is just shadows and dreams.



Just like a lady who has just bought a lamb drags it in any direction she likes, the world (symbolized by the lady) drags and pulls by soothing and deceiving mankind like a lamb to his inescapable fate. Moreover, Just like a reasonable person drinks water rather than the costly t’älla, the BaläQəne believing in the frivolity of our life urges to forego wine and clothes for rainwater and leaves, respectively.