Qəne and Happiness

14      Qəne and Happiness


Qəne is a source of happiness and when it is presented at joyous occasions such as weddings it makes the ceremony even more joyous. So when a BaläQəne is reciting a Qəne, people forget the choir and the singers and all the attention goes towards him. Here are a few examples:



ሀ. Mäwädəs of Märigeta Yəchaläwal Goshume at Haile Mariam’s Wedding (1992)


ኪነጥበቡ መንክር ወዕፁብ

ለኃይለማርያም አምላክ እንተ ኢይኄሱ ቃሎ፣

ኅሊና ዚአሁ አዳም እንዘ ቤተ ሞቅህ ሀሎ፣

በፍቅር አምጣነ ሞኦ ለሞት ፈቃደ ሥጋዌ ዘይውኅጥ ኩሎ፣

ወበውስተ አሕርው ዘተሰደ ተባሕትዎ ዓለም

ገዐር ዘውገ ቤተ አዳም ዘይትቤቀሎ፣

ኣኃውሂ ነፍሳተ ምድር ዘየኀሥሱ ሣህሎ፣

ተፈስሑ በምጽአቱ ለኃይለ ማርያም ነቢየ ሴሎ፣

ማዕከለ ጸሊም ዓለም እስመ ያበርህ ጸዳሎ፣

ወይተልው አኃዊሁ አሠረ ፍኖቱ በተደንግሎ፡፡



        His art is amazing and astounding

        God/ Haile Mariam who keeps his word

        Because while his consciousness / Adam was imprisoned

        He defeated death/ loneliness that swallows all

        And loneliness that was exiled to the pigs

        The relatives of Adam / pain will avenge it.

        And Brothers / spirits that seek his forgiveness

        Were elated by the coming of Haile Mariam / Prophet Selo

        Since his light brightens the dark world

         And his brothers follow his footsteps in chastity.



(Säm) God promised Adam that he will save him from hell and kept his word by coming back to fulfill his promise. He banished evil spirits from a man and put them in a group of pigs, and he defeated death by dying for the sake of mankind.


(Wärq) Haile Mariam likewise defeated loneliness by marrying. Loneliness usually encourages people to go to bars and settles on singles to make them fornicate.

God who is seen as the ultimate prophet and disciple became a man through the Virgin Mary and removed the darkness by lighting up the world and thus making his followers ecstatic. Likewise,  Haile Mariam married through communion and the BaläQəne is advising Haile Mariam’s followers to do the same.



ለ. Mibäzhu of Mälʾäkä  Həywät  Fəre Səbhat (ሐምሌ 15 ቀን 2004 ዓ.ም. በመንግሥቱና ኤዶም ጋብቻ)


ናሁ ሰናይ ወናሁ አዳም ህሊና ዳዊት ሀበ ናታን፣

አምጣነ ቀዳሚ ተመይጠ መንግሥቱ ለሶሎሞን፣

እም ሀበ አዶንያስ ባዕድ በጸሐፌ ትዕዛዝ ወሕግ ዘመልአከ ምህረት ካህን፡፡



        How beautiful and sound the thought that made David listen to Nathan

        Since his throne/Mengistu was first returned to Solomon        

        From Adonyas by the priest Mälʾäkä Məhrät who orders the law to be followed



Through Nathan’s council and David’s graciousness the kingdom of Israel was returned from Adonyas to Solomon (2 Kings). Likewise, the deacon Mengistu was denied permission to have a wedding ceremony at the church where he gives service. But later on through the intermediary of the elders, the ʾäläqa of the church was persuaded to allow him to hold the ceremony. So the BaläQəne is comparing Solomon inheriting his rightful throne to the deacon returning to his Parrish church in order to hold the wedding ceremony. The BaläQəne is also contrasting the counsel of Nathan to the intermediary role of the elders and the graciousness of David to the willingness of the ʾäläqa to allow the wedding ceremony to be held. Wordplay is used in this Qəne in the fact that the groom’s name Mengistu is translated as his kingdom.