Qəne fighting AIDS and Corruption

13.   Qəne fighting AIDS and Corruption


Qəne is used to fight problems that persist in the society. In our time, some of the most serious problems we are facing are AIDS and corruption – and Qəne is doing its part in fighting these problems. I have put AIDS and corruption together due to their similarity, and it might be easier to combat the AIDS epidemic than solving the problem of corruption.



A. Zäʾämlakəye of Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbhat


This Qəne was presented on December 18, 2011 at the Lafto Furi Hanna Church in Addis Ababa on the occasion of Abba Gäbrä Marəyam becoming the head of this church. This is taken from Mälʾäkä  Həywät  Fəre Səbhat Mulu bet Qəne presented on that day.


መልአከ ገነት አብርሃም ዘሕገ ልቡና ፈጻሚ፣

ለአጋር ነገረ ሙስና ስድዳ ቀዳሚ፣

ከመ ሕገ ወንጌል እግዝእት አምጣነ ርዕሰ ተለሚ፡፡


The executor of the law of consciousness Mälʾäkä Gännät / Abraham

First chase away Agar / corruption

Since she has put herself on top like the lady of the house / law of the Gospels


Agar, Sarah’s servant, was pregnant from her mistress’ husband Abraham. After this she stopped following Sarah’s orders and was kicked out of the house by Abraham. Similarly, corruption is widespread and is even seen in churches and is becoming like a word of the gospel. So the BaläQəne is advising the new Mälʾäkä Gännät to put getting rid of corruption as his first priority.

ለ. Səllase of Mämhər Yətbaräk ʾäkalu of Gordäma Gäbrəʾel in Bahir Dar


በጽዮን ዘማ ዳጎን

ወራዙተ ዮን ተሐጺፋ ሰውረ ህጽነ ዳጎን ዳጎን ለቢሳ እንዘ ታንስሀስህ እግራ፣

ይትቃጸቡ ኀበ ኀበ ይብሉ መንበራ መንበራ፣

ወኀበ ተሐውር ሖሩ ምስሌሃ ወይተልዉ አሰራ፣

ወያስተሀይጹ ከናፍራ፣

ወለዘ ሀቢሃሰ ቀርበ በእንተ ፍቅራ፣

ፍጻሜሁ መከራ መከራ፡፡


     The harlot of Dagon in Zion

     Was seen wearing the pants of Dagon and strutting around

     And the youth of Zion call to each other saying her behind her behind

     And they go to where she goes following her footsteps

     Studying her lips

    But, enthralled, if one gets too close

        It will end with misery and anguish.


(Säm) When the Palestinians captured the Ark of the Covenant and placed it next to the statue of their god Dagon, the statue shattered. The Palestinians were also attacked by a plague. (Wärq) Young men usually follow skimpily dressed women around because they are easily aroused by their body.  The BaläQəne warns that young men like this are on the wrong path and will end up contracting some disease.


ሐ. Amharic Poem of  Mälʾäkä  Həywät  Fəre Səbhat (1985 ዓ.ም.)


Here is a poem presented by Mälʾäkä  Həywät  Fəre Səbhat at an informational meeting on the AIDS Epidemic.


እናንተ ወጣቶች ቀን አለ መስሏችሁ፣

ከገጠሩ ኑሮ ከተማ ገብታችሁ፣

መሠረት የሌላት ጎጆ መሥርታችሁ፣

ዘማለች አደራ እንዳትወድቅባችሁ፡፡


                Oh! Youth thinking it is your time

                You left the countryside to settle in the city

                But your house is without foundation

                So be alert before the leaning house / harlot falls and/destroys you.


The poem has two Wärq phrases, the former is about the harlot and the latter warns about being destroyed by promiscuity.