Sexual Matters in Qəne

12. Sexual Matters in Qəne


Most of us might think Qəne’s subject matter is limited to spiritual matters. But Qəne is overarching and touches many subjects including sexual relations. Since the subject is sensitive, the authors of most of the Qənes composed regarding this topic are anonymous. Sexual relation topics are usually used for the Säm, and spiritual topics might be used as Wärq. First I will present Qənes with known composers that used the sexual topic as Säm followed by anonymous Qənes that only talk about sexual matters.


 ሀ. Gubaʾe Qana of Yäneta ʿalämu (ከመ/ር ይቻለዋል የተገኘ)


ኒቆዲሞስ ፈትሐ ወለተ ዳዊት ዘሠምሮ፣

ሠናይተ ለኀይ ወንጌለ በበዓለ ጥምቀት ነፂሮ፡፡


        Nikodimos divorced his much-loved David’s daughter

        Because he saw a beautiful girl / gospel at the Epiphany Festival.


(Säm) At the Epiphany Festival, young girls come out well dressed up and very attractive, inducing the young men to be so fascinated and to forget their marital commitments. (Wärq) Nikodimos a teacher of the Old Testament, was attracted to the teachings of the Gospel by Jesus (John 3:1-17). The reference to Epiphany signifies Nikodimos’ learning about the role of Baptism from Jesus.   



ለ. Səllase of Mälʾäkä Bərhan Admasu 1ኛ መጽሐፍ ገጽ 46 ቁጥር 12

ውሉደ ዘረከቡ

በኃጢአ ብእሲት ይቴክዙ

ወዘረከበ ብእሲተ በኃጢአ ውሉድ ይላሑ፣

እስመ ባዕድ ፍና ብእሲት ወለወልድ ፍናሁ፣

እምትካዘ እሉሰ ለምጽ ሕሊናተ ሎጥ ይንጽሑ፣

አዋልድ ለሎጥ ተራድአሁ፣

አምጣነ አዋልድ በለፌ አዋልዲሁ

ወበለፌ አንስተ ኮናሁ፡፡




Those who beget children

Are saddened for not having a wife

And the ones that found wives weep for not having children

Since the paths leading to a wife and to children do not intersect

But the thoughts of Lot are not affected by such blemish / grief

Since his daughters helped him out

On one side they are his children

And on the other side his wives.



 Those with a good wife are saddened for not getting children. And those with children are unhappy when they can’t get along with their wives. One can not find the joy of having a child from a wife and vice versa. After the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot hid with his daughters in a cave. Since his wife turned into a column of salt, his daughters got him drunk and slept with him and acted as wives (Genesis 19:30-38).


ሐ. Gubaʾe Qana

ዞ ምልክአም አመ በበትሩ  ሞርቅሐ፣

እድግት ባሕረ ኢያሪኮ አብቀወት አፉሃ፡፡


 When lecherous / Moses hit her with his stick

The sea of Jericho / donkey opened her mouth.


መ. Gubaʾe Qana

ኢይጠፍእ ሕልጽ እሳተ ላዕሉ ወታህቱ፣

እስኪት ጉልጥምት እስመ ተዳፈነ ቦቱ፡፡


  There is always a flame on the top and bottom of the vagina

  Since the penis / firewood is covering it.



(Säm) Just as the firewood keeps the flame burning, a vagina with a penis is also kept warm. Usually, fire is extinguished with water and warmth is chilled with coolness. However, the vagina chills the warmth of the penis with its warmth. The metaphors fire, and warmth are used to show that sex is the source of human life. Thus this explicit Qəne about sex also carries a message about life.      



ሠ. Gubaʾe Qana

እታገኝ ደመርኪ እምላእለ ክብርኪ ክብር፣

ለነዳይ እስኪት እስመ ወሀብኪ ቂንጥር፡፡


ʾətagägn you have heaped praises and honors

By giving clitoris to a destitute/penis


People say that this Qəne was composed by ʾəmete Gälanäsh at her daughter ʾətagägn’s wedding. (Säm) There are those who offer the famished some meat from sexual organs.  The BaläQəne is praising her daughter for her good deeds in providing a hungry penis its food.