Qənes About Gender Issues

11.   Qənes about Gender Issues


Qəne is studied and thought by both men and women without any discrimination. And female Qəne teachers seem to have the better vantage point to comment on gender related issues of the society. Here are some examples.




A. ʾəz Gubaʾe Qana of ʾəmete Gälanäsh (3ኛ መጽሐፍ ገጽ 226)

ኮነኒ ሊተ አምላከ መድኃኒት ዕድሜየ፣

አምጣነ እምደም አድኃነ ወተቤዘወ ኪያየ፡፡


My age has become like the healing God

Since it has saved me from blood (menses)  


In Psalms 51:14, King David tells us that the Lord saved him from blood. Likewise, the BaläQəne is telling us that her age saved her from blood. She is telling us that thanks to old age she is in menopause and doesn’t have to worry about her menstruation cycle. 


ለ. Mäwädəs of ʾəmete Gälanäsh of Däbrä Tsəlalo (3ኛ መጽሐፍ ገጽ 176)

ምሂረ ጉባዔ ዘከልአ አነስተ ጥበብ፣

በደብረ ጽላሎ ኢኮነ መገሥጸ ወከላኤ፡፡

እስመ ለብዙኃን አርድእት እደወ ብዙህ ውዋዔ፣

ተሰበከ በአፈ ብእሲት መወድስ ትንሣኤ፣

ወአልቦ ዘገሠጸኒ፣

እንዘ ለምሂረ እፌኑ አርድእተ በበክልኤ፡፡

ኢይክልሂ ሰሚዖቶ ለዘጳውሎስ ጽዋዔ፣

ብሂለ ኢይደሉ ለብእሲት ትምሀር በጉባኤ፡፡

መግሠጸ አንስት ጳውሎስ እስመ ኢኮነ ሰማዔ፣

ማእከለ ጉባኤ ዘይትኔበያ አዋልደ ፊልጶስ በርባዔ፡፡


The one forbidding wise women from teaching in public

Has not been able to reprimand or rebuke anyone at Däbrä Tsəlalo

Because to too many student, rowdy men

Mäwädəs / resurrection was taught by a woman

And no one reproached me

When I sent students to teach by the two’s.

I can never listen to Paul’s call

Saying a woman should not teach in public

Since the censurer of woman Paul has not heard

The four daughters of Philip who prophesized in public.


This Qəne was composed by the famous female Qəne teacher ʾəmete Gälanäsh. Saint Paul teaches that women should keep quiet in public (1 Corinthians 14:34-36) and this teaching is adhered by the EOTC. Nevertheless, this rule has not hindered the BaläQəne from teaching.


Just as Jesus’ resurrection was told to the men by women (Mathew 28:9), the BaläQəne is telling us she taught Mäwädəs Qəne to men. Moreover, just as Jesus sent his disciples by the twos, she is sending her students by the two so they can gather food and later on graduate and teach others. The BaläQəne is also telling us that since Paul has not heard the four daughters of Philip who prophesized in public, she is not going to listen to his reprimanding decree.