The Use of Qəne

Part 2 – The use of Qəne

In this section we will look at the different uses Qənes have been put through the ages. For this study, only a few Qənes are chosen for illustration purposes that fit the chosen category adequately. Due to the ephemeral nature of the Qəne genre, as succinctly put in the saying ‘የቅኔ ቋንጣ የለውም’ -  Qəne is to be recited for an occasion not to be put down in writing. This mode of thinking has resulted in fewer Qənes being recorded and passed on to future generations. If the situation was reversed we would have had more Qənes to study and probably more categories for their classification. Even the few that have been recorded are not studied in Ethiopia’s modern education system. Although the Qənes presented here can be classified in more than one category, we have chosen to put them in the category where they fit best.