Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha

ዲያቆናት ወክህናት እለ አለውክሙ ተፋቅሮ

ወእለ ታእቅቡ ካዕበ ለቤተክርስቲያን ሕጋ፣

አዘዘነ ገብረ ማርያም እንተ ለብሰ ሥጋ፣

እንዘ ይብል ቅንዑ ለእንተ ተአቢ ጸጋ፣

ወለደብረ ንግሥት ኢይኃድጋ፣

ገብረ ማርያም አቡነ እንበለ ንትጋ፣

እስመ ዛቲ ዘምሉዕ ፈለጋ፡፡


Deacons and priests who care for each other

Furthermore that uphold the laws of the church

We have been ordered by the corporeal Gäbrä Marəyam

Saying “Vie for the greater Grace”

And he will not abandon Däbrä Nägäst

Our father Gäbrä Marəyam the blameless

Since her springs are overflowing.



If there is love anything is possible. The one representing God as ʾäläqa of church on earth (Gäbrä Marəyam) is telling the deacons and priests that the work of God can only

Be accomplished on earth if there is love amongst them.