Zäʾämlakəye 2
Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha

መልአከ ገነት አብርሃም ዘሕገ ልቡና ፈጻሚ፣

ለአጋር ነገረ ሙስና ስድዳ ቀዳሚ፣

ከመ ሕገ ወንጌል እግዝእት አምጣነ ርዕሰ ተለሚ፡፡


The executor of the law of consciousness Mälʾäkä Gännät /Abraham

First chase away Agar / corruption

Since she has put herself on top like the lady of the house / law of the Gospels


Agar, Sarah’s servant, was pregnant from her mistress’ husband Abraham. After this she stopped following Sarah’s orders and was kicked out of the house by Abraham. Similarly, corruption is widespread and is even seen in churches and is becoming like a word of the gospel. So the BaläQəne is advising the new Mälʾäkä Gännät to put the getting rid of corruption as his first priority.