Author: Mäzgäbä T’əbäb Hawaz


ቤተክርስቲያን ሔዋን እመ ብዙኃን

አርድእተ ማዕከል ወጽንፍ ምንተኑመ ረሰይናኪ፣

እስመ ለበለስ መጽሐፍ ዘኢታዘዘ ለኪ፣

መተርኪዮ ከመ ትብሊዕዮ በእሳተ አፉኪ፣

በጻዕርኑ ወበምንዳቤ ወሚመ ዴማስ ጸላኤ ሠናያት አስሐተኪ፣

አንቲሰ እመ ኩሉ ቤተክርስቲያን ዘኮንኪ፣

ለአዳም ገላውዴዎስ ወለታቦተ ሕግ ታቦትኪ፣

ነገርኪ በጽሐ ወተፈጸመ ሀብትኪ፣

   አምጣነ እሳት አሬስዮስ ተንስአ ይብላዕኪ፡፡



Mother of plenty Eve / Church

What did us students of the center and periphery do to you?

The fig / book that was forbidden to you

You carved it up to eat with your mouth / fire

Is it hardship, hunger or Satan (hater of good) that deceived you?

But you are the church / mother of all

Adam / Claudius and your Tabot of the law

Your wealth is plundered and the end is near

Since fire / Arius has come to destroy you.


(Säm) Mother of mankind, Eve, followed Satan’s advice and without being hungry ate the forbidden fruit bequeathing her children death. 


(Wärq) Due to the negligence of a deacon, the Claudius Church including all the manuscripts was burned. The BaläQəne and students were saddened by the accident whereby even the Tabot burned.