ʾəzl ʾət’anä mogär
Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha


አልባቲ ርሃብ ለቀራንዮ ምልዕተ ሞገስ ወጸጋ፣

እምጣነ ትሴሰይ ወትረ እምዘሰቀለቶ ሥጋ፣

ወትሰቲ ካዕበ እመ አዘቅተ ገቦ ፈለጋ፣

ወኮከበ ሰማይ ነግድ ሐዋርያዊ ዘኢፈቅደ ይህድጋ፡፡


There is no famine at Qaranyo full of grace

Because Qaranyo always eats the hanged (cured) meat

And drinks from the springs that sprouted on the side

And travelers / stars find it hard to leave the place.



(Säm) A woman with cured meat hanging in the smoke house will always have something to eat. Likewise, the church symbolized by Qaranyo feeds the believers the Eucharist so their souls won’t be famished.