ʾəzl ʾət’anä mogär
Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha


እግዚአብሔር ጸውአ እምነ ገሊላ አንስተ፣

ወእምነ ሰማይ ቀጸበ መላእክተ፣

በሌሊተ እሁድ ለትንሣኤሁ ከመ ይኩንዎ ሰማእተ፣

አመኒ በጊዜ ሞተ፣

ሰጠቀ ኮኩሃ እብናዌ ወመቃብረ ከሰተ፣

ከመ እብሪቱ ያሰስል ሀሜተ፣

ብርተ ሊባኖስ ጽኑዕ ኢያሱ እንበለ ያትል ዋልተ፣

ያመዘብር ነግሃ በኃይሉ ዘአጽራሪሁ ዐረፍተ፣

ጥቅመ ኢያሪኮሰ ዘነሰተ፣

ዖደ ነዋ ሰባተ ዓመተ፣

ወበኃይሉ ቀተለ ነገሥተ፡፡


God called the Women from Galilee

And also beckoned the angels from heaven

So they can witness his resurrection on Sunday Morning

And when he died

He split open rocks and opened graves

So he can ward off rumors

The Iron of Lebanon Joshua without his army

Plundered in the morn his enemies’ fortress

And the one who destroyed the walls of Jericho

Went around it for 7 years

And destroyed kings with his might.


To counter the Jews’ incredulity of his resurrection, God called angels and women as witnesses. And when he died the rocks split open and graves were exposed. When the women approached his grave, the angels opened the empty grave. God revealed himself and told the women to share what they saw with his disciples.


The second part of the Qəne is about Joshua’s victory over Jericho by going around the walls 7 times. Likewise, Emperor Iyassu defeated his enemies after being chased for 7  years.