kəbər yəʾəti
Author: ʾäläqa Yətbaräk


ድምሃ ርዕሱ ለወልድ

ዘተፈነው መንገለ ርሑቅ ተገፍኦ፣

በነሢአ ህለት ዓርገ ዐቀበ ሥጋዌ ተኮርኦ፣

ወለአርዌ ግዕዛን ሞት እንተ ኢፀግባ በሊኦ፣

ሰበሮ ቅሩበ አንበሳ እምገዳመ ትንቢት ወፂኦ፡፡


        The crown of the head of the Son

        That was sent far towards violence

        Climbed uphill towards incarnation using a walking stick / beating

        Not being full after consuming the animal / death

        The lion exiting the forest of prophecy tore it apart.



(Säm) A tired person climbs a hill with the aid of a walking stick. An unfulfilled lion breaks the bones of the corpse after he eats the flesh.


(Wärq) Christ was hit on the crown of his head, made to carry a cross up to the hill of Qaranyo, and ascended to the heavens. Jesus called the Lion of the Forest by Ezra, defeated death and ripped it apart.