Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha

መኑ ውእቱ ዘየአድዎ

ለባህረ ቀላያት ሞት መስጠመ ህዝበ ኖህ አእላፍ፣

ለጳውሎስ ኖትያዊ እስመ በጽሐ እስከነክሳዱ ማዕበል ሰይፍ፣

ወጉንደ ሃይማኖት ጴጥሮስ ቁልቁሊተ ይትገደፍ፣

እስከ ያውጽአሁ እክህላ እማዕከለ ጸርፍ፣

አንስትያ ዘቦ አምላክ ቃላተ አሐዱ መጽሐፍ፡፡



        Who is going to cross / transgress

        The deep sea / death that has drowned thousands of Noah’s people?

        Since the waves/ swords has engulfed the swimmer Paul up to his neck 

        And the timber / Peter is left hanging upside down

        Since they could not take him out of the deep hole

        The women / words of the Gospel.




It is hard for women to save a drowning person swimming in a roaring river or someone who fell inside a deep gorge. The Qəne is also telling us that Paul had his head chopped off and that Peter was crucified hanging upside down.


The following Mulu bet Qənes were composed on Tahsas 8 2004 EC at the Lafto Furi Hanna Church. Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbhat Ts’ägaye composed these Qənes in honor of Mälʾäkä Gännät Gäbrä Marəyam becoming the ʾäläqa  of the church.