Mäwädəs of Hosanna
Author: Qäch’äne Mädhane ʿaläm


        ኦ አምላክ ጽርሐ መቅደስከ

        ለወዲቅ ኢክህለ ቅድመ ኤፍሬም ወምናሴ

        ወሐይዝተ አፍለግ አይሁድ ለእመ ገብሩ ድምሳሴ

        ከመነገረነ ማቴዎስ

        ዲበ ኰኩህ አምጣነ ተሐንፀ ቤትከ ውዳሴ

        ወሕዝበ አይሁድ አመጸረፉ በአለ ቤተ ኤልማስ ኮነ ተዓጋሤ

        አዕባንሂ ኀለፍተፍና እለ ሐፀኖሙ ሙሴ

        እንዘ ይብሉ ይጸርሑ አመ ቦኡ ለቅዳሴ

        ስብሐት ይደሉ ለዘፈጠሩ ሥላሴ

        ወኢኮኑ ለሰብሖ ነግደ ወፈላሴ


        God! Your church hall

        Would not crumble in front of Ephraim and Manasseh

        Even though the flood / Jews tried to destroy it

        As Mathew recounted

        Your house / gratitude was built on a rocky foundation

        And Almas did not pay attention when the Jews insulted him.

        The travelers / stones that were raised by Moses

        Upon entering the church shouted

        “Praise is justified towards the Trinity”

        And did not feel strange in giving thanks.


(Säm) The wise builder is admired for building his house on a solid foundation. Newly arriving priests gave thanks to the trinity at a church service and were not strange to praises.


(Wärq) On the feast of Hosanna, Jesus was praised by stones.