Author: Mälʾäkä Sälam ʿalämayähu


        ኦ ምቅዋም ምስለ ግብፅ ወሱዳን አይቴኑሙ ተሐወሩ፣ 

        ቀርነ ማኅሌት ዐባይ አምጣነ ተመይጠ ኀበ ድኅሩ፣

        ወአግዋሪሁ አህጉር ዘኢኮነ ኮነ እንዘ በብሃል ዘመሩ፡፡


        Oh walking sticks! Where are you going with Egypt and Sudan?

        The drum / Abay has returned back home

        And the neighboring countries chanted saying “what couldn’t be happened”


(Säm) Those visiting an exile are told by those who know that the person has already returned back home and there is no need for paying a visit.  Ethiopia’s neighbors (Egypt and Sudan) are surprised by the return of Abay back to Ethiopia.


(Wärq) The Mäqwuamiya (Ceremonial Stick) is the only the instrument used during the long fasting season. But on the day of Hosanna the drums and sistrums are also used for chanting.