Mibäzhu of Hosanna
Author: Qäch’äne Mädhane ʿaläm


        ተበሀሉ ሕዝብ ዘቢታንየ ወሳሌም ህልዋነ አክይ ወአመፃ፣

        ላዕለ ዕብን ይወጽ ስብሐት ኢየሱስ ዕፃ፣

        ወውሉደ አሚን ጸልዕዋ ለምክረ አይሁድ ወለት አምጣነ ሕሱም ገፃ፡፡



        The People of Bitany & Jerusalem full of malice and revolt said to each other

        The lot / gratitude of Jesus came up on a stone

        And the children of faith hated the council of the Jews / daughter with bad looks


(Säm) When the people of Bitany and Jerusalem drew a lot, the lot fell on a stone. A woman with a bad looks and bad attitude is hated by all.


(Wärq) On the day of Hosanna, the stones of Bitany gave thanks to Jesus forsaking what the Jews were forbidding to do. And the children also gave thanks to Jesus.