Author: Mämhər Zelalem

ኢተአመኖ ሲድራቅ አመ አቡየ ይብለከ፣

ለእሳት ብዕሴ ገሞራ ዘሀሎ ምሰሌከ፣

እስመ አግሣኔ ሀገረ እንዘ ይመስል መልአከ፡፡


Shadrach! Don’t trust him when he calls you father

Your companion the man of Gomorrah / fire

Even though resembling an angel he is a demolisher.



Even if one speaks well of oneself, one is judged only one’s actions. Likewise, even though the fire that burned Gomorrah spared the 3 children, it is still dangerous and care is needed. The Qəne might also be showing the fiery character of Gabriel.