Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha

ነቢያት አበው ዘዜነዉነ ዜና ሠናየ ዘኢሳይያስ ወሙሴ፣

ከመ ዘይወርድ ሰማያተ ተአውቀ ናሁኬ በጥዑም ቅዳሴ፣

ዘገብረ ማርያም አቡነ ዘእንበለ ኀጉል ወደምሳሴ፣

ወለእመ አስምዓ ዘንተ ቃለ ውዳሴ፣

መሰለነ ለነ ዘይወርዱ ሥላሴ፡፡




        What our ancestral prophets Moses and Isaiah told us

        That the lord will descend from the heavens was known by the sweet chant

        Of our Gäbrä Marəyam without defect or blemish

        And when he let words of gratitude be heard

        We thought the trinity were descending.



The day is the Feast of Səbkät commemorating the teaching of the prophets about the lord descending from the heavens to be born as a man from the Virgin Mary.  The BaläQəne is pronouncing that when the new ʾäläqa Gäbrä Marəyam was performing his delightful liturgical service, it seemed like the trinity descended from above to hear him.