Author: Mälʾäkä Həywät Fəre Səbha

ኢየሀስስ ዘይረድኦ

ተአዛዜ እሙ ድንግል ጉባዔ ቆስጠንጢኖስ ወልድ፣

ይፍልጦ እንበለ ረዳኢ ለአርዮስ ጉንድ፣

ዘኒ ድልው ለእንተ ባቢሎን ነድ፣

ወለዘይከውን ድህረ ፈጻሜ ፈቃድ፣

ይባርኮ በመስቀል ዋህድ፡፡



        He does not need a helping hand

        The Son/ Council of Constantine who listens to his mother / Virgin Mary

        Let him chop up without any help Arius / firewood

        That is ready for the flames of Babylon

        And to the one that fulfills his orders

        Let him bless him with the one true cross.



An obedient son chops up firewood for his mother without a helping hand. Likewise, Emperor Constantine made sure that Arius (symbolized as a log in the flames of hell) was excommunicated at the Council of Nicaea. As a servant is rewarded for his good deeds, Constantine was rewarded with the symbol of the Cross as a mark of his victory.   

The story for the Wärq is based on Council of Nicaea held at the reign of Emperor Constantine. The Council was held to discuss the new heretical teaching of Arius which states that the Son is a creature and not on equal terms as God. Constantine made sure that all the church fathers came to the gathering. The participants of the council deliberated that Arius’ teaching was a heresy and asked him to adhere to the Church’s teaching. Upon his refusal to accept the deliberation of the council, he was excommunicated from the church.